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As part of Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with more than 200 million customers, we are determined to change the face of the industry together with our 33.000 colleagues in Europe and South East Asia.

We are on a journey to transform the way our company operates. In the coming years the products and services that we sell, the ways in which we approach customers and our core business model will change. And we need the best and brightest to succeed.

The Executive Trainee program in Telenor Denmark is unique as it offers a one-year stint at the very top of a company with approximately 2 million customers and revenues in excess of 5 billion DKK. You’ll be partnered with one of our CXO’s in a fast-track program suited for the particularly driven, curious and challenging person who thrives in a constantly changing environment.

In this video you can meet our CHRO and learn why we have an Executive Trainee program and what we look for in our coming trainees.

Still interested? Then feel free to explore these pages to learn more about the program, what it offers and what it takes.

The Executive Trainee program is characterized by a steep on-the-job learning curve. There is little formal training during the course of the year. Rather time is spent on diving into real projects as well as participating in high-level strategic discussions on leadership team meetings, management meetings and more. 

Here two of our 2015-trainees will tell you a bit about their experiences during their trainee year.

Structure of the program

This program is different from most graduate programs in many ways, first and foremost because the unique combinations of CXO’s and trainees mean that no traineeship is identical. Dependent on your interests, personality and aspirations your 12-months are unlikely to be replicated and that is exactly the point.

Further, there are no rotations – you will have a base in the division of your CXO but be exposed to the entire organization dependent on the projects you contribute to. This gives you a well-rounded, holistic understanding of Telenor and our industry in record-time.

The program will start with an introduction period of 3-4 weeks. During this time you will get an intro to various departments in Telenor Denmark and visit Telenor Group in Oslo. You will also spend time in one of our stores as well as in our Call Center learning the ropes of the frontline – Customer Experience is key in our line of business and having first-hand experience is invaluable.

During the program you will also get to visit some of our colleagues abroad. Telenor is a global company with 200 million customers in 13 markets, and we’d like to you get this under your skin and have your perception of what Telenor is and do challenged.

During your 12 months as an Executive Trainee you will take various courses such as project management and internal leadership training, you will plan and executive projects and be part of the respective CxO’s leadership team.

You will also be responsible for finding your  own successor(s). This includes fine-tuning the program itself, marketing the program to prospective applicants e.g. on university fairs during the year, as well as screening, interviewing and, in the end, hiring, the next roster of Executive Trainees.

As the program is coming to a close you will start engaging in talks about your future in Telenor. Trainees have went in all sorts of directions and it is not given that you will stay in the division you joined – it is up to you to decide, what you want to do and find a way to get there in cooperation with your CxO.

Recruitment is not just about finding a candidate with great competences.

In order for the traineeship to be successful, it is crucial that our trainees are the best match possible to the CxO’s personality and professional situation. It is important that you and your CxO get to know each other from the start and align on expectations and ambitions.

Therefore, our recruitment process is structured to ensure that personality and achievements are weighted equal.

Candidate profile

  • Have an outstanding academic record and can demonstrate strong analytical skills, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Are comfortable working under pressure, a master of multitasking and thrive in a dynamic and high pace environment where you need to be self-driven
  • Possesses digital mindset and capabilities
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Have brilliant social skills and navigate confidently within a large organization
  • Are fun to be around!

Recruitment process

We put a lot of effort into finding the ideal trainees every year but we try to do so with respect for your time. Below you can see the timeline for the process so you know when things are happening.


When you proceed to submit your application, you will notice that we are not interested in a cover letter – so, don’t write one. At least, not yet. For your immediate application, we are interested in your resume/CV only, but we would like for you to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile as well.

Instead of spending time writing a cover letter, we would like for you to take part in a week of online case-work using a platform called Peerpilot. Using the platform, you and other candidates will collaborate on solving a real-life business challenge demonstrating to us how you work, think and collaborate.

The system, which essentially works like an interactive mind-map, will guide you through a workshop of 5 phases – called a mission - from Monday through Friday during Week 9. Each phase will last 24 hours and have a specific purpose e.g. “Exploration” and “Final Execution” giving you time to contribute even though you are already engaged in studies, work etc. It is entirely up to you how much time you spend on this but we advise you to engage as much time as you can – preferably, at least 4 hours during the week - as this gives us a better idea about who you are. Please note that spending an excessive amount of time does not correspond to increasing your chances for an interview – after 5 hours or so we’ll have a pretty good idea of how you work and perform, which is the important part.

Besides helping us identify candidates with the right mindset for working in Telenor, the system also helps us further diversity by limiting human biases in the screening and interview process.

We will invite candidates for interviews based on performance in Peerpilot and CV’s – from thereon personality becomes our primary interest.

During your traineeship, you are able to explore opportunities in all parts of the organization and your tasks are not bound to your CxO’s division. Thus, the job allows you to build a strong network within the organization in Denmark as well as in Telenor Group and in other business units.

The rich exposure will give you the opportunity to find a job that is just right for you after the trainee-period. Ex-trainees have taken on very exciting new assignments e.g. as managers, product specialists or consultants within Telenor Denmark.

Here you can get to meet two of the former trainees who have went on to have successful careers within Telenor.

Ideally you’ve graduated by September 1st 2017. 
That does not mean graduation at a later date excludes you but the job will be a full-time commitment from 1/9-2017 nonetheless so expect a question or two on how you expect to deal with this.

You’ll be paid a competitive salary – this is a job, not an internship.

No. But as the program is a big investment in you we obviously have a vested interest in your staying with us and to help you find a role in which can you develop further. The past 5 years have seen us hiring almost all trainees and the majority are still here.

No. But you will need to persuade us that what you have done instead is equally, or more, enriching than having taken a master degree.

Yes. As a rule of thumb though we would like applicants to have no more than 2 years of full time experience, so you would be okay.

That is true. Moreover, because we have two main offices we have CxO’s in both locations. When submitting your application then we will ask you whether you are interested in working from Aalborg or Copenhagen. Beware that we, most likely, will not hire a trainee based in Copenhagen for one of our Aalborg-based CxO’s, and, vice versa.

Then you should reach out to trainee Rasmus Hempel at – simple as that.

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