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We deliver access to the network and help you with the technical - then you can concentrate on marketing your product.
We've got an agreement that suits your needs.

Become a telecommunications provider

In Telenor Wholesale we focus on offering services and products that cover all aspects of telecommunications.

Telenor helps you with:

  • Finding the right solution for your business needs
  • Installation, advice and 2nd line service
  • Providing best possible service and further developing your business

As confidentiality is of high priority to us, Telenor Wholesale is an independent business division in Telenor

You can enter into a wholesale agreement with Telenor in the areas of: Mobile, VoIP, and Access.


We provide you with network access and technical help so you can concentrate on marketing your product.

We have an agreement that suits your needs

With a wholesale agreement with Telenor you get access to Telenor's Mobile and VoIP networks. You can resell our mobile and VoIP products - subscriptions, services and traffic.

You resell to end customers under your own name and at prices you can decide. With our wholesale products, you have the opportunity to create your own products to meet your specific customer needs.

We have several types of agreements

Brand Agreement

You do not need any technical knowledge about telecommunications. Large customer potential - limited technical knowledge.

Telenor delivers:

  • Network
  • Products
  • The numbers and sim card
  • Ensure the settlement of customers
  • Ensures the management of customer services (including number transfer)

Service Provider and MVNO SIP

Resale of Telenor's services and products in its own name and at prices you can decide

Telenor delivers:

  • Network
  • Products
  • Settlement basis (TAP files)
  • Implementation of IT systems
  • Sim card
  • Prepaid / postpaid solutions

Service Provider - Would You like to be a Telcom Provider? (PDF)
MVNO SIP - Getting Your own Virtual Mobile Network (PDF)

How to achieve success

It is a great advantage if you already have a customer database and experience in sales and marketing. If you want a Service Provider Agreement or an MVNO SIP agreement, are well developed systems for managing customers and bills also crucial for your success as a telecommunications provider.

The future for you

Sale of Mobile Broadband rising as never before. Therefore ensure Telenor Wholesale to our Wholesale customers are well equipped for the future, by allowing for that you can assemble exactly the Mobile Broadband packages to suit your customers.

As the sales of Mobile Broadband increases, increased demand for our network as well. Telenor consistently upgrading the network so that it supports the latest technologies and meet the capacity needs required by the network.

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MVNO SIP Service Provider


Your company or union can become Telenor Brand Partner with a Brand Agreement. With a Brand Agreement you can expand your portfolio with mobile products using your own name.

What is Brand Agreement

Brand Agreement is a Web-based complete solution that allows you to resell prepaid mobile phone services in the mobile market, using your own name and brand. You do not need to have specific knowledge or experience in telecommunications to become Brand Partner.

Benefits of a Brand Agreement:

  • Ability to extend existing product portfolio, without special expertise in telecommunications
  • Access to resell Telenor Wholesale products - including Mobile Broadband Packages
  • Telenor provides billing and customer services to your subscribers
  • Access to an upgraded network that supports new technologies
  • A permanent contact person who can advise and guide throughout the implementation and the subsequent operational phase
  • Simple and fast implementation of Telenor's systems so that you can get started quickly

Requirements to become Brand Partner:

  • Your company holds a unique brand
  • You have extensive experience in sales and marketing

Content Provider - premium rated services

The market for premium rated services and Direct Operator Billing has grown a lot over the past year and the basis for growth remains high.

In order to stimulate mobile payments even more, Telenor, along with other Danish mobile companies have formed a joint venture that will make it even more attractive to offer mobile payment services.

The focus area of this new company – "4T Mobile Payments" – is to promote and further development of mobile payment in Denmark no matter whether it is payment for goods in shopsl, digital goods on mobile, online or SMS donations.

4T Mobile Payments has taken over the operation of existing mobile payment solutions as well as all customer/merchant relationships.

If your company is interested in offering mobile payment, you should contact 4T Mobile Payments via their website: (Obs. 4T Mobile Payments – Paii er blevet en del af Swipp)

Additional Products

Currently Telenor offers the following additional products


The MDA solution ensures that your customers data and systems are well protected, also when the users of those are travelling. MDA is short for Mobile Data Access – a solution bringing together users of mobile data in a closed and secure network.
Download info


The Telenor Wholesale Statusinterface provides the Service Provider or MVNO SIP Operator with an updated and true overview of which colleagues are available, busy or unavailable.
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Opening hours

Wholesale Customer Service - Mobile

Call customer service at: +45 72 12 90 60 and press "1"

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00

Wholesale Customer Service - Fixed

Call customer service at: +45 72 12 90 60 and press "2"

Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00
Friday: 08:00 - 15:30


Call customer service at: +45 72 12 90 60 and press "3"

Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 16:00
Saturday: 07:30 - 15:30


Call customer service at: +45 72 12 90 60 and press "4" -

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 15:30


Download the differents agreements available for the Danish Telenor network.

Direct Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement

Get Wholesale Agreement

Mobile Service Provider Agreement

Get MSP Agreement

Mobile Service Provider Appendix 3e

Get MSP Appendix